My Story

The here and now

I am a woman who is getting a chance to re-write just about everything in life all because I have been given the gift to intentionally choose my trajectory. I know not many people get this sort of opportunity to quit their careers and move across the country to start fresh. I will admit that at times it is frightening being so vulnerable without the safety nets of the past to fall back into. But what I do know is that I have been given this chance to find what I am really meant to do and how I am meant to give back to others.

Just the facts

First and foremost, I am a child of God and I am precious. And it only took 53 years to figure that out. 😉

Additionally, I am a wife to an amazing man, a mother to three grown children, a mother-in-law to a couple great men, and a grammy to the sweetest grand daughter in the world.

Beneath the surface, I…

  • …am a lover of life – the good, the bad and the mundane.
  • …am a student at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.
  • …am creative. I love to write, decorate, paint walls and rearrange furniture.
  • …am learning how to cook – and I love it!
  • …love geeky things like technology, fixing things, social media, mind-mapping, strategy and putting things together.
  • …spent the majority of my career in the construction industry – something that wasn’t popular for women in 1987.
  • …love, love, love handbags. Yes, it’s a problem.
  • …have curiosity, gratitude, love of learning, kindness and spirituality as my top five character strengths.
  • …am an extrovert who acts more like an introvert much the time.
  • …have finally learned the power of meditation and the importance of being still.
  • …am the dog-whisperer (or so says my family).
  • …can do any household DIY project with a butter knife and mallet.
  • …take things personally, even though I know it says not to in The Four Agreements.
  • …think vintage shopping and Facebook Marketplace are the bomb.
  • …play the piano and use it to keep me grounded.
  • …was made for short, sassy hair. Growing it out just doesn’t work.
  • …have some of the best friends in the world!